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Carpet Snake Eats Possum

A carpet snake eating a possum

A carpet snake eating a brush tail possum

A carpet snake eating a brush tail possumWe occasionally see snakes in the yard. When we used to let the cats out they would bring snakes into the house very often. They tended to lose interest after a while and leave them lying about, usually still alive and very angry. Thankfully they were mostly tree snakes and keelbacks, although there was one whip snake that took revenge and sent us off on an emergency trip to the vet. After that the cats were locked inside permanently and we didn’t see anywhere near as many snakes.

Then one morning I noticed that a carpet snake had one of the possums. I raced inside for a camera and a chair. I sat and took photos for as long as it took for the snake to swallow the possum. It was a very intense experience. The whole process took about an hour and left me very shaky for the rest of the morning. These photos are some that I took that morning. Interestingly, I found three cast off python skins in the yard during December. We obviously have more than one resident snake.