Still kicking, not screaming quite as much

I’ve been trying to produce an e-book, and it has been a huge task, probably because of my lack of understanding of the technology. I have instructions (a series of short how-to videos) on one computer, and I’m trying to follow along on the other. Even so I would never attempt to do it on my own. I need Lynn to help me. Those of you who know me will already know that I rely on Lynn for most things, especially things to do with computers.

I think the most frustrating thing about setting up this e-book is that it shouldn’t really be difficult. None of the steps are difficult. Knowing which steps to do in which order is the hard part. Sometimes I think I am a two-year-old at heart. I never got over asking why. I write my books as a single document, but this program insists that I break it into separate chapters, so the machine can put it all back together. Why? Nobody can tell me. That’s just how it works. There is no why with computers. I just need to accept that.

Another thing I’ve been working on is this blog. Apparently I need an online presence if I hope to ever sell my books. The problem is that I need as much help getting the blog up as I need to do the e-books. I have to wait until Lynn has time to help me and then do what she is ready to work on. The book might come out before the blog. Or we might get the blog out in a day or two. I can’t guess. One way or another it is all going to happen in its own time.


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